The decision to purchase a home by a private investor often happens only once in a lifetime. This should be considered very carefully.

Bertram Projektmanagement GmbH is devoted to the planning and development of future-oriented, high-value residential property. As a result, more than aesthetic and convincing solutions regarding urban development will be achieved. We pay particular attention to optimal energy features as well as the external structure and housing technology. We draw on the many years of experience of Bertram Projektmanagement GmbH and its specialists.

Our customers can be sure that for the current and following generation, they have made the best choice regarding the best ecological and financial results. We thereby guarantee a sense of responsibility from a family business that has been around for more than 20 years.

Please tell us if you have questions about a project, our services or our pledge of quality. We will gladly let you know in writing or personal consultation, however you choose.

BP Wohnbau GmbH
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